Health & Wellbeing Board workshop outputs – Warwickshire now and in the future and how the JSNA can inform decision making

JSNA logoA number of colleagues were involved in the first of a series of thematic workshops for Health and Wellbeing Board members on 23rd July. The workshop focused on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and how it can inform and support board members in understanding the evidence base and utilising it as part of their decision making processes.

The workshop provided a real opportunity for Board members to better understand the key messages from the JSNA and was very positively received, prompting a significant amount of engagement and discussion about the key current and future health & wellbeing issues facing the county.

Actions from the workshop are progressing and key outputs from the workshop have been circulated to Health & Wellbeing Board members and are also available via the following link:

JSNA Health & Wellbeing Board workshop outputs – 23rd July

For more information on Warwickshire’s JSNA, please email

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