Veterans Mental Health JSNA Needs Assessment

VeteransLord Ashcroft (2014), in his review of veteran transition, highlighted that veterans are considered to be no more susceptible to mental health problems, compared to the general population and considers the media focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as disproportionate.

Evidence suggests however, that Common Mental Health (CMD) disorders (depression and anxiety) are thought to be over twice as common in those who have served in the Armed Forces (Goodwin, 2014), compared to the general population.  Pre service experience and childhood adversity (considered important risk factors), family relationships and a culture of heavy alcohol consumption are issues that compound mental health problems in veterans (Goodwin, 2013; Iverson, 2007 and MHF, 2010).

Following the adoption of the Armed Forces Community Covenant in 2012, there has been an enhanced focus on the needs of veterans, current serving Armed Forces personnel and their families across Warwickshire.

Mental health has been raised as an area of interest and this needs assessment identifies areas of focus for providers to improve the outcomes and services available to veterans in Warwickshire.

This needs assessment forms part of the ongoing work under the remit of Warwickshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and was endorsed by the JSNA Commissioning Group in December 2015.

The needs assessment and presentation are available below:

For more information on this work, please contact Emily Fernandez (

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