What’s coming up from the JSNA?

Warwickshire JSNA blueWe’re over a year into the current JSNA work programme agreed by the Health & Wellbeing Board. As well as the JSNA Annual Statement 2015/16, which was published in late 2015, a number of JSNAs have been completed and approved over recent months including Vulnerable Children, CarersChildren Looked After, CAMHs to inform service redesign and Prevention of Children from Becoming Looked After.  A place based needs assessment for Lillington in Warwick District has also been published.

However, there are also a number of needs assessments (both JSNA priority themes approved by the Health & Wellbeing Board as well as broader themes) that are worth highlighting.

Nearing publication:

  • 0-5 Needs Assessment
  • Youth Justice Needs Assessment
  • SEND Needs Assessment
  • Smoking Needs Assessment (JSNA priority theme)
  • Substance Misuse & Alcohol Needs Assessment (JSNA priority theme)
  • CCG JSNA profiles

Ongoing and upcoming work:

  • Dementia Needs Assessment (JSNA priority theme)
  • Atherstone Needs Assessment
  • Criminal Justice & Mental Health Needs Assessment

Look out for those needs assessments nearing publication on the JSNA webpages soon.

For more information on the JSNA, please contact jsna@warwickshire.gov.uk

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