2016 JSNA round up

screenhunter_01-jan-05-15-522016 was an extremely successful year in terms of delivering the JSNA priorities work programme of needs assessments.

  • The Carers Needs Assessment was used to inform the recommissioning of adults carer services in Warwickshire and the emerging carers strategy, based on the needs identified.  It is intended to provide insight into the unpaid care provision across Warwickshire and the extent and nature of local support services and it will also support in planning to meet future demand as a result of the Care Act.
  • The Children Looked After Needs Assessment recommendations were worked into an action plan to inform practice, service development and the commissioning of services to support children looked after in Warwickshire to improve their lives and future opportunities.  It is intended to provide insight to better understand Warwickshire’s profile of children looked after.
  • The CAMHS Needs Analysis data was used to better understand the cohort of children in Warwickshire who require specialist CAMHS support and seek to understand some of the wider risk factors associated with children’s mental health.The CAMHs needs analysis was used as background information to inform the providers as part of the tendering process for the new CAMHs contract.
  • The Children Looked After – Prevention Needs Assessment informed our strategic planning, commissioning and service development aimed at reducing the need for children and young people to come into care and well as increasing the numbers of children leaving care safely, reducing the amount of time children spend in the care system.  It was used to inform the Sufficiency Commissioning Strategy, Early Help Strategy and the commissioning framework of Early Intervention services
  • The Smoking Needs Assessment provides insight into the prevalence of smoking and tobacco use across Warwickshire and explores the performance and equity of the local services tasked with helping people stop smoking in the county.  The existing contract for the delivery of Warwickshire’s Stop Smoking service finishes at the end of the 2016/17 financial year.

CCG profiles

  • Three CCG profiles have been produced for each of Warwickshire’s CCG areas.  These are the first building blocks of the new JSNA place-based approach to be implemented in 2017.  15-20 lower level 30-50k population geographies will be created and profiles and needs assessments will be produced for each of the geographies to identify issues at a local level.

To complete the 2014-18 priority needs assessments, the drugs and alcohol needs assessment will be delivered in early 2017 and the cancer needs assessment will begin in early 2017.

An update on the other priorities where a needs assessment has not been delivered as part of the work programme:

  • CVD – sufficient work has been undertaken by public health around CVD, so a specific needs assessment is not required before the end of the current work programme.
  • Dementia – due to the JSNA senior intelligence analyst resigning, the JSNA Strategic Group decided that a dementia needs assessment could not be resourced as a priority under the current work programme.
  • Educational Attainment – the ongoing work around the Closing the Gap agenda, with Cabinet approval of the strategy in December 2015, is sufficient and a separate needs assessment is not required under the current work programme.
  • Weight Management – the service was recommissioned in July 2015 so a needs assessment is not be required within the timescales of the current work programme.

And finally.  A number of related needs assessments have been produced over the last 12 months.  These have all been published on the JSNA website:

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