Health Protection Strategy

The Health Protection Strategy 2017-2021 was presented to and approved by the Health and Wellbeing Board in March.

The Strategy reflects on the progress made in the previous strategy 2013-15 and then outlines the five year partnership approach to protecting the health and wellbeing of Coventry and Warwickshire’s populations. Focussing on seven key priority areas the Strategy covers

Air Quality

Tuberculosis (TB)

Viral Hepatitis

General Screening and Immunisation programmes

Emergency Planning

Infection Control

Excess Winter Deaths

The purpose of the Strategy is to ensure that population health is protected using a multi-agency approach, with all key partners across the health and social care economy working together to its agreed shared priorities and aims.

The Health Protection Committee and its members will monitor progress of all areas of the Strategy and have oversight on all projects and work streams.

Some of the overarching key aims of the strategy are to increase Active Travel and reduce unnecessary car journeys, increase awareness and testing rates for TB, Hepatitis and general screening and immunisation programmes. It also focusses on reducing infection outbreaks in health and care settings, having robust plans in place for managing Pandemic Flu and reducing the burden of fuel poverty and its associated health impacts.

Health Protection Strategy 2017 – 2021 – Local Focus
Priority Focus in Coventry Focus in Warwickshire
Air Quality City-wide Air Quality management required Urban Areas
TB Establishing Latent TB Case-finding programme and strengthening partnerships for managing patients with complex medical and social needs Focus on education of health professionals regarding epidemiology of TB in Warwickshire, when to “think TB”, as well as maintaining excellent treatment completion rates
Hepatitis B/C Understanding and tackling reasons for high incidence of Hepatitis B/C in Coventry Ensuring whole pathway of care – from screening/testing to treatment is evidence-based and working well.
Screening and Immunisations Focus on adult screening programmes (lower uptake than national), and immunisation uptake in Looked after Children Focus on maintaining overall good immunisation and screening uptake, identifying geographical areas/particular groups where uptake is lower
Infection Control Establishing Root Cause Analysis for healthcare acquired infections in the Community, and development of an Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy for the sub-region


Particular focus on infection control and outbreaks in health and care settings, and an Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy for the sub-region
Emergency Planning Ensuring multi-agency pandemic flu plans are in place and tested. Focus on access to treatment/prevention services (e.g. antivirals, vaccinations) during a pandemic, especially in rural areas
Excess Winter Deaths Reducing numbers and proportions of households in fuel poverty, and increasing uptake of seasonal flu vaccinations across all risk groups Reducing numbers and proportions of households in fuel poverty, with a focus on ensuring support services are accessible to rural populations. Increasing seasonal flu vaccination uptake across all risk groups, particularly in North of the County

Read the Health Protection Strategy 2017-2021

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