Experian Mosaic Profiles

The Insight Service has produced a briefing note providing an overview of the household classification tool, Experian Mosaic. Experian Mosaic is a tool that can be used to help us better understand our communities and customers and is built from Experian’s UK Consumer Dynamics Database. Mosaic uses a wide range of data to allocate households into one of 15 Groups and 66 Types, based on likely common characteristics.

Using Experian Mosaic it is possible to help establish the different service needs that residents may have, help identify where specific service needs are located and understand each group’s preferred channels of communication. In turn, this allows for more effective service development, delivery and engagement with our customers. The tool allows us to understand and target customers across a range of channels, allowing the targeting of resources to best effect. The tool can be used to profile communities, inform transformation programmes and commissioning activity.

The note includes an overview of what Experian Mosaic is and its uses, and provides Mosaic profiles at county and district & borough levels. The key features of the most prominent groups are described, in addition to their preferred methods of communication. The report also compares the Mosaic profile of Warwickshire with the Indices of Multiple Deprivation, and looks at how the Mosaic profile at both county and district & borough level varies from the national picture.

The briefing note can be found here.


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