Warwickshire Hate Crime Report

The Insight Service team has produced an annual report which focuses on hate crime in Warwickshire. It is the second year that the report has been produced and focuses on the prevalence of hate crime in Warwickshire, analysing a range of data from partner agencies and provides an overview of the work currently being undertaken by partners.

The report has been timed to coincide with a partnership event ‘Cake not Hate’ held in Shire Hall on the 17th October, attended by the Chief Constable, where a new website ‘reporthatenow.com’ will be launched and a new single released to raise awareness of the crime and promote community cohesion.

The annual report can be accessed using the following link:

Hate Crime report in Warwickshire (PDF)

More information on hate crime can also be found on the Safe in Warwickshire website: https://safeinwarwickshire.com/hatecrime/

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