How does Warwickshire’s JSNA Work?

Warwickshire’s JSNA has three key elements:

The JSNA Website. Hosts all of the products produced;

Reports & Specific Needs Assessments. The JSNA produces a number of documents or products on an on-going basis. These include the Annual Updates, periodic Reviews and specific assessments of need. These assessments will include assessments of need, demand and current services. The data is provided by local experts/specialists, with co-ordination and analysis provided by the JSNA Working Group or specific project teams. The specialists help write and provide the expertise to interpret and interrogate the data to inform users.

This is all underpinned by a Local Information System providing access to the library of data and analysis and the growing and more detailed evidence base.

JSNA Work is commissioned by the Warwickshire JSNA Commissioning Group. The process for the Group to approve a project is detailed in the attached work approval process and shown in the flow diagram below:

Approval Process Flow Diagram

Any agency or individual making a request for JSNA project work is required to complete a Project Brief, with support and assistance from a member of the JSNA Working Group or wider programme team.  The member of the team will also ‘screen’ the Project Brief and present the final version to the JSNA Commissioning Group, with a recommendation for its priority made by the Working Group.  If approved, the project will start, in line with its priority.

The JSNA Project Brief is a standard template that can be found here: JSNA Project Brief.

Potential projects are prioritised in line with the JSNA Prioritisation Matrix, which is a decision making tool that can be found here: JSNA Prioritisation Matrix.  N.B. Project Briefs should be written to target the requirements of the matrix to ensure they are prioritised correctly.

If there is a need for a specific piece of work, a request can be submitted via this website in the first instance.  Requests can come from any organisation that have identified a need to understand a health or wellbeing issue in more depth and where there is a gap in our current JSNA.

If you are interested in making an application please email outlining your request to the JSNA Programme Team.

For those without the correct version of Microsoft Word to open the documents above, PDF versions can be found here:

JSNA Project Brief

JSNA Prioritisation Matrix