JSNA Data and Information Hub

One of the issues emerging from Warwickshire’s first JSNA was that data very quickly became out of date, or it was difficult for users to know if they had access to the most up to date intelligence.

As a response, we have developed this webpage to hold a wide range of the most up to date data about Warwickshire’s population and communities. This will mean that everyone, from the general public to specialist commissioners, can be confident that they have access to the most relevant and timely data.

We have developed this page to act as a repository for all JSNA data and information in Warwickshire.

A fully interactive data and information hub is being developed alongside the place based approach and will be linked to from here when it goes live.

What data can I access?

Public Health Warwickshire

Public Health Warwickshire hosts a useful page with shortcut links to Warwickshire specific Public Health England data and Warwickshire County Council locality profiles including:

Warwickshire County Council Health and Wellbeing Profiles

Public Health England – Public Health Outcomes Framework

Public Health England – Health Profiles and Data Tools

Public Health England – Health Profiles

Public Health England – Child Health Profiles

Public Health England – Common Mental Health Disorders Profile

Public Health England – Sexual and Reproductive Health Profile

Public Health England – Longer Lives Profile

Public Health England Return on Investment modelling tools

Historical reports from the 2014 JSNA


Use this website to explore Ofsted Inspection data for early years, schools, further education and skills, children’s centres and initial teacher education:

View regional performance over time