JSNA place-based approach

The JSNA has delivered significant benefit to the county, providing both a broad evidence base and bank of specific needs assessments based upon priority themes. In 2017 a new approach was agreed by Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Board, with the focus of the JSNA moving from a theme-based to a place-based approach.

Previous to this programme, two place-based needs assessments were completed. These were for Atherstone & Lillington areas and are available using the links above.

The new programme of work will focus on understanding Warwickshire’s health needs on a geographical basis. This is in line with the requirement to inform the Proactive & Preventative element of the Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP) and the out of hospital programme, which seeks to build integrated services around populations of around 30,000 – 50,000. Transformation programmes relating to both adult and children’s services and community hubs are also based on the need to understand service needs at a more local level.

JSNA Geographies

The new JSNA Geographies were approved by the JSNA Strategic Group in June 2017 and can be viewed by accessing the maps using the following link:

JSNA Geographies (July 2017, PDF, 608 KB) 

JSNA Surveys

To ensure the needs assessments reflect local priorities, we would like to gather the views of local residents and professionals working within the JSNA areas. If you would like to share your views on the area in Warwickshire you live or work in  please complete the relevant survey:

– Residents JSNA survey (opens in separate tab)

Professionals JSNA survey (opens in separate tab)

JSNA Profiler tool

At the Warwickshire Health & Wellbeing Board meeting on 6 September 2017, a new interactive JSNA Profiling Tool was launched.

The tool has been developed as one of the first outputs to be published under the JSNA place-based approach and includes the approved JSNA geographies. This is the first time that data covering a broad range of themes at a number of geographical levels has been made available via a single tool, allowing users to create statistical profiles across a number of different geographies and enabling comparisons between areas and with county/sub-regional averages.

A briefing note  has been produced providing an overview of the tool, which summarises the themes covered, the geographies used and guidance on how best to use the tool to ensure its full functionality as well as a link to access the tool directly. Please continue to use this link to access the tool rather than downloading the spreadsheet as updates will be made as new data becomes available. This is the first version of the profiler tool and feedback or comments are welcomed. The aim is to transition this to a web-based platform in the near future.

There is also a mapping element which sits alongside the Excel-based tool. Where the information is available, this allows the user to view the indicator on a geographical basis. The mapping is currently in development and will be updated and added to as work progresses.

JSNA Profiler tool (PDF, 2.1MB)

JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments (Wave 1)

Wave 1 JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments are now complete and are published here. The JSNA Strategic Group endorsed this first wave in March 2019.

North Warwickshire Borough:

Polesworth, Atherstone & Hartshill  Kingsbury, Coleshill & Arley
Infographic summary (PDF, 2.4MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.4MB)

Appendices (PDF, 2.4MB) 

Glossary  (PDF, 895 KB)

Recommendations (for North Warwickshire) (PDF, 664KB)

Action Plan (to follow)

Infographic summary (PDF, 4.9MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.6MB)

Appendices (PDF, 2.3MB)

Glossary  (PDF, 895 KB)

Recommendations (for North Warwickshire) (PDF, 664KB)

Action Plan (to follow)

Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough:

Nuneaton Central
Infographic summary (PDF, 5.1MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.3MB)

Appendices (PDF, 1.8MB)

Glossary  (PDF, 895KB)

Recommendations (PDF, 636KB)

Action Plan (to follow)

Rugby Borough:

Newbold & Brownsover (Rugby Town North)
Infographic summary (PDF, 5.2MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.6MB)

Appendices (PDF, 3.1MB)

Glossary (PDF, 895 KB)

Recommendations (PDF, 592MB)

Action Plan (to follow)

Stratford-on-Avon District:

Henley, Studley & Alcester
Infographic summary (PDF, 5.6MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.2MB)

Appendices (PDF, 1.5MB)

Glossary  (PDF, 895 KB)

Recommendations (PDF, 277KB)

Action Plan (to follow)

Warwick District:

South Leamington, Whitnash & Bishop’s Tachbrook
Infographic summary (PDF, 1.7MB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 2.1MB)

Appendices (PDF, 2MB)

Glossary (PDF, 895 KB)

Recommendations (PDF, 285KB)

Action Plan (to follow)

JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments (Wave 2)

Wave 2 JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments are in progress and will be published here once complete. The areas are as follows:

Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough:

Bedworth West  Bedworth Central & Bulkington
Initial presentation, stakeholder event (9th April 2019) (PDF, 1.6 MB) Initial presentation, stakeholder event (9th April 2019) (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Rugby Borough:


-Bilton & Town Centre

Stratford-on-Avon District:


Warwick District:

-Cubbington, Lillington & Warwick District East

JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments (Wave 3)

Wave 3 JSNA Place-based Needs Assessments have not yet started but will be published here once complete. The areas are as follows:

Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough:

-Nuneaton West

-Weddington, Horeston Grange & Whitestone

Rugby Borough:

-Rugby Rural North

-Rugby Rural South

Stratford-on-Avon District:

-Wellesbourne, Kineton & Shipston


Warwick District:

-Warwick & Warwick District West