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JSNA place-based approach

The place-based approach to producing needs assessments will provide an even more accurate picture of life in local communities and will help inform service planning and delivery for Warwickshire County Council and its partners.

In order to accurately reflect local needs, the JSNA will incorporate data held by local organisations and the views of both residents and professionals in Warwickshire.

The place-based programme will take two years to complete and is being delivered in ‘waves’: The planned delivery time frame for wave 1 needs assessments is March 2018 – September 2018. In North Warwickshire Borough, there are two locality areas within wave 1.

North Warwickshire Borough Geographies

Wave 1 – Stakeholder Event for North Warwickshire Borough

On the 21st June 2018 a workshop was held with key stakeholders across the Borough to raise awareness of the JSNA and to gather views and experiences from local stakeholders to ensure the JSNA reflects the local needs.

Presnentation from 21st June Workshop (PDF 4.54 MB)

Agenda for 21st June workshop

North Warwickshire Place-based Needs Assessment Key Messages (PDF 1.28 MB)

Pilot project – Atherstone needs assessment

In 2017 the place-based approach was piloted in the Atherstone area of North Warwickshire Borough and a needs assessment was produced that covered the areas of Atherstone North, Atherstone Central and Atherstone South & Mancetter wards.

The pilot was approved by the Warwickshire Health & Wellbeing Board to inform the strategic planning of local services.

The Atherstone needs assessment provides an overview of the demographics of the Atherstone population along with local data on health; social care; education; employment & income; crime & community safety; road safety & transport; environment & technology; and services. The report has been used by stakeholders in Atherstone to produce a list of recommendations to address issues raised and improve outcomes in the area. An action plan has been drafted and once agreed will be published on the JSNA website.

Atherstone Place-based Needs Assessment (PDF 5.15 MB)

Atherstone Working Action Plan

Key contacts

JSNA area Sponsor Lead
Polesworth, Atherstone and Hartshill Cllr Bell (NWBC/WCC) Rachel Robinson
Kingsbury, Coleshill and Arley Cllr Bell (NWBC/WCC) Rachel Robinson

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JSNA place-based profiling tool

For access to data, use the JSNA profiling tool