Rugby Borough

Newbold & Brownsover

JSNA place-based approach

  • Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and partners carry out Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) to establish the health and social care needs of the Warwickshire population.
  • The JSNA is a really useful tool which is accessed both by teams within the county council and other stakeholders to inform commissioning decisions, ensuring the services are well-placed to help the people who need them most.
  • In 2015-18, the JSNA areas of focus were five key themes; mental health, carers, physical wellbeing, vulnerable young people, and long-term conditions. Moving forward, the JSNA will take a place-based approach, focusing on 22 geographic areas with population sizes between 30,000 and 50,000.
  • This will provide an even more accurate picture of life in local communities and will help inform service planning and delivery for Warwickshire County Council and its partners.

Wave 1 – Rugby Geographies

Rugby Map


Key contacts

JSNA area Sponsor Lead
Newbold & Brownsover Cllr Crane (RBC) Rachel Robinson


JSNA place-based profiling tool

Use the JSNA profiling tool