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Henley, Studley & Alcester

JSNA place-based approach

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and partners carry out Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) to establish the health and social care needs of the Warwickshire population.

The JSNA is a really useful tool which is accessed both by teams within the county council and other stakeholders to inform commissioning decisions, ensuring the services are well-placed to help the people who need them most.

In 2015-18, the JSNA areas of focus were five key themes; mental health, carers, physical wellbeing, vulnerable young people, and long-term conditions. Moving forward, the JSNA will take a place-based approach, focusing on 22 geographic areas with population sizes between 30,000 and 50,000.

This will provide an even more accurate picture of life in local communities and will help inform service planning and delivery for Warwickshire County Council and its partners.

A stakeholder engagement event took place on Friday 14th September at the Bailiff’s Hall, Alcester War Memorial Town Hall, Church Street, Alcester B49 5AJ. The event provided a forum to discuss the health and wellbeing issues currently facing the local community.

Please see links below to supporting documents following the Stakeholder Event.

Henley Studley Alcester JSNA Presentation 14th September 2018

Henley Studley and Alcester JSNA Area Infographic Initial Analysis 14th September 2018

Wave 1 – Stratford on Avon Geographies

Stratford District Map


Key contacts

JSNA Area Sponsor Lead
Henley, Studley & Alcester Cllr Jefferson (SDC) & Cllr Cargill (WCC) Emily van de Venter

JSNA place-based profiling tool

Use the JSNA profiling tool