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JSNA 2009 Foundation Report

JSNA 2009 Executive Summary

JSNA 2009 Final Report

Original Production 2007 – 2009

In Warwickshire, work on the original JSNA started in 2007 and was completed in April 2009. It produced two reports:

  • The first was a detailed Technical Statistical Foundation Report to set the context for health and Wellbeing trends in Warwickshire, against a number of key client groups. This work was led and carried out by the Warwickshire Observatory.
  • The second report was the Needs Assessment element of the JSNA, led by external Consultants.   The contract for this element of the work was awarded to Tribal Consulting and was completed in spring 2009.

Learning and Development 2010-2011

The development of the JSNA culminated in a workshop for key stakeholders to consider the findings from the report and provided a great deal of learning for future iterations.


In revising the JSNA process from 2010, consultation activity provided suggestions for areas to include and presentational ideas to help target the JSNA at a wider audience.

In 2012, Warwickshire released its updated JSNA in a dramatically different format; incorporating the learning from the previous three years.

The JSNA from 2012 onwards…

The JSNA produces a number of documents or products on an on-going basis. These include the Annual Updates, 3 yearly Reviews and specific assessments of need. You can find more information on how our JSNA works here: How Warwickshire’s JSNA Works.