JSNA Review 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Review for Warwickshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  The following set of key themes has been developed to inform the Health & Wellbeing Board of the emerging key messages from the JSNA.  The information provides a ‘position statement’ and a ‘snapshot’ of our work so far at the end of 2011.  It includes the key headline messages from our initial analyses and provides the basis for further, more detailed needs assessment work.

The themes have been loosely structured to follow a ‘life-course approach’ and are not just an amalgamation of facts and figures.  Where possible, a broader range of qualitative information (e.g. knowledge, pathway information, consultation activity with stakeholders, service users, professionals, etc.) has also been included.

2011 JSNA Review

The full JSNA_Annual_Review_2011 document can be found here.

Children & Young People


Vulnerable Communities


Old Age

Mini JSNAs

‘Mini’ JSNA profiles were produced in 2011 to provide a range of analysis at district/borough level. These aimed to help Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) formulate their future commissioning plans and aid district and borough councils in developing local health initiatives.

The Mini JSNAs were structured to follow the key themes identified in the 2011 Annual JSNA Review. They are found below along with a cover sheet for each of the CCG areas.

Mini JSNAs by district/borough:

Cover Sheets for CCG areas: