JSNA Update 2014

The JSNA Annual Update for 2014 is available here. You may need to use Internet Explore to open the document.

This is the second JSNA Annual Update as part of a cycle of two annual updates produced between the three-yearly reviews of the JSNA priorities.  It follows the same format as the annual update produced in May 2013 and provides an overview of the key achievements of our JSNA during the previous year.   It provides an update on the important contextual information which impacts on the overall need for health and social care in Warwickshire, specifically on changes in demography, lifestyle and behaviours.  It also provides a revised picture with regard to the 5 theme areas and 10 priority topics identified in the 2012 JSNA Review.  These topics are the following, including links to the Local Information System interactive reports: Children & Young People Educational Attainment Looked after Children Lifestyle Lifestyle Factors Affecting Health Vulnerable Communities Reducing Health Inequalities Disability Safeguarding Ill-Health Long-Term Conditions Mental Wellbeing Old Age Dementia Ageing & Frailty

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