Children & Young People

Ensuring that children and young people in Warwickshire have a good start in life is crucial and it is important to fully understand the specific health and social care needs of our younger residents.

There is ever-increasing evidence that a positive start to life is critical.  It promotes better health and wellbeing in adulthood and an ability to contribute fully to wider society.  Making sure all of our children and young people have a positive start will also help to break down the inter-generational cycle of poor health that affects many in disadvantaged communities.

There remain major challenges to health and well-being for many children and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and for those living in the more deprived areas of the county.  Significant inequalities persist within Warwickshire and the Marmot Report on Health Inequalities recommends that the highest priority should be given to to children from pre-conception through to adolescence.

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