In order to commission appropriate and relevant health and social services, it is essential that we understand which diseases and conditions are causing mortality and morbidity in Warwickshire.  Furthermore, as the population ages and people live longer, it is important to understand the implications for some of the more common ageing diseases.

This section looks at ill-health for both the major chronic conditions (such as cardiovascular disease and cancer) affecting our population, alongside that of infectious diseases.  It considers the number of people affected and where they are.

Please click on the relevant link for a brief topic summary of the key issues, a detailed needs assessment (where available) and access to the underlying data:


GP Practice Profiles

In response to requests from General Practitioners across Warwickshire for more detailed and easier access to data,  information and statistics, the Public Health Intelligence Team together with NHS Warwickshire’s Intelligence Department and Warwickshire Observatory have developed a set of interactive GP Practice Profiles.

The profiles contain a wide variety of data on all of Warwickshire’s GP Practices brought together within a single succinct web-based interactive tool.  The profiles include practice level data on:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Prevalence rates for a range of conditions and diseases
  • Flu Vaccination and Immunisation uptake
  • Screening Rates
  • Hospital Admissions
  • Patient Satisfaction

These datasets have been collated from a variety of national and local sources such as QMAS, the NHS Information Centre, NHS Comparators, NHS Warwickshire Intelligence and Exeter.

The data is presented graphically and geographically and can be grouped by Consortia.  The system is based on the Instant Atlas Desktop System and allows users to quickly rank and benchmark practices on the full range of indicators.

In developing the profiles, issues around confidentiality were paramount.  Any data less than or equal to 5 has been suppressed.